Costarihosea.com has legal headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica, is a business Resort reservation and intermediary company hosting service, transportation, and others.  Within a the business corporation organized tour policy, costaricahosea.com is obliged to offer responsible preparation.

Travel programs, selection, and supervision of services sold, a correct description of what is offered and orderly fashion.

Costaricahosea.com is not responsible for any agreements or contracts entered into directly between customers and operators abroad.

The Resorts and services are subject to availability, as made by reservations of costaricahosea.com

Therefore Your reservation will be going directly to the resorts assigned.




Cancellations made in a shorter period of 22 days will be penalized with 100% of the value of the services (this means no refund will redeemable)

Cancellations made by medical situations in a shorter period of 22 days must be supported by a Medical record and proceed with the due return for the affected Customer.

Costaricahosea.com factors in other than normal operations performance but can make chances under notification, cancel or change the scheduled dates of purchased services.

Costaricahosea.com cannot accept liability or pay compensation where the services purchased That may be affected by unreasonable events of unforeseeable circumstances or forces nature which may occur in costaricahosea.com or the local operator.

When we refer to these circumstances we speak of events such as wars, riots, strikes, natural disasters. Terrorism, adverse weather conditions or situations beyond the control of costaricahosea.com.

We reserve the right to make other changes to the tour itinerary, Resort reservations, and others provided when instead offered a similar service.

     Costaricahosea.com is not responsible for any agreements or contracts entered           directly between customer and operator abroad.